Why hire a Wedding Planner?


    Weddings are an amazing and beautiful occasion to celebrate the union of two people amongst family and friends. No matter how beautiful; weddings are an expense, some greater than others. When wedding planning most bride’s aim to have the wedding of their dreams at minimal costs. With the Internet having so much information on how to plan a wedding, brides decide to DIY or have a friend or family member plan their wedding; all to eliminate the costs of hiring a wedding planner.

    Before you make the decision to NOT hire a wedding planner, there are a few things to consider. Your wedding day is a momentous milestone in your life that should be seamless and handled with care by a professional, not someone using the internet as a manual or doing wedding planning as their side gig. As the bride you want to enjoy your time leading up to the wedding day by saying yes to the dress, choosing wedding colors, and getting ready for the big day with hair and makeup trials. The bride shouldn’t be burdened with the more tedious tasks of juggling timelines, checklists, communicating with vendors, and much more.

On the BIG DAY you should be relaxing, sipping bubbly, and getting pampered with your bridesmaid not worrying about if everything is on schedule. Your friend or Aunt Barbara turned “planner” should have the privilege of enjoying your wedding day as a guest and not given the task of putting all the wedding day puzzle pieces together to ensure a seamless wedding day.

Don’t let the wedding planner be the first line item eliminated from your wedding budget. Hire a wedding planning professional who can help you navigate the planning process and handle all the tedious not so glamorous tasks. Then your wedding planner can provide expert advice on how to achieve your wedding vision within an ideal budget.

I guarantee you with the right wedding planner you will have NO REGRETS. He or she will be worth every penny! Just ask my past brides. :)

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